Friday, 8 April 2011

Martek Launch Portable Gas Detectors

Since the company was founded, Martek Marine has always been specialists in the field of fixed gas detection systems, developing products for monitoring pump rooms, ballast tanks, accommodation air conditioning inlets and refrigeration plants.
More recently we have developed Fastcalgas, a calibration gas supply service especially for the marine industry designed to give you a simple service with a single price for delivering your calibration gas to any available destination in the world.

Now Martek are taking the next step in providing a complete gas detection service with the launch of a range of marine portable gas detectors. Carefully selected packages for both multi-gas and single gas detection provide you with reliable, affordable portable gas detection.

Single and Multi-Gas Portable Detectors

Martek provide two main types of portable gas detector. Firstly, a four-gas detector - MARINE QUATTRO and also a single gas detector - MARINE EXTREME.

Unique and patented sensor diagnostics mean that you only need to calibrate our multi-gas detectors every 12 months and the single gas detectors never need calibration during the lifetime of the instruments.

By running your portable gas detectors in collaboration with Fastcalgas – the first global calibration gas service – you will make huge efficiency on how you currently procure your calibration gas.

Choice of Fleet Deals to Best Suit Your Needs!

Doing business with Martek is all about giving you the best product, best service and best deal for your needs. That’s why we have a range of bespoke packages available when contracting with us for your fleet of vessels. With offers including free gas or free portable devices mixed with our unrivalled service and products, then Martek is the clear business partner of choice. Contact us now and we can discuss how Martek can best serve your needs.

Find Out More!

Martek Marine's range of portable gas detectors
Fastcalgas - world-wide calibration gas supply service


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  2. Hey guys, I do a lot of work on gas detectors and I'm curious about your product line. Especially the part about only needing to calibrate once a year and not needing to calibrate the single gas, this would be of extreme interest to my customers. Please contact me with more information.


    James Moore

  3. Hey guys, still haven't heard from you on the subject of not needing calibration gas for the single gas or the yearly calibration. Mind having someone get in touch with me?


    James Moore


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