Monday, 21 November 2011

Bahamas Flag Accept PIRs for BNWAS Compliance

The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) has until now held the view that passive infra-red motions detectors were not an acceptable technology for compliance with BNWAS requirements. However, following a review of the available technology, the BMA has changed its stance.

A statement from the BMA reads:

“As you will be aware, the BMA stance on PIR as a reset method for BNWAS has always been that they are not acceptable. However following a review of the performance standards of Intelligent PIR and review of IMO NAV 55/20/2 and 55/21 papers, we are now of the view that 'Intelligent' PIR are acceptable. Therefore, we will be changing the relevant Section of The Bahamas National Requirements to reflect this view and allowing BNWAS with PIR to be fitted providing that the IMO performance standards are met.” 

In a later communication the BMA advised:

“The BMA will accept motion sensors approved to industry standards or by one of our RO's as a valid reset method.”

Navgard™ BNWAS

The Navgard™ BNWAS from Martek Marine uses unique Type Approved dual technology infra-red & microwave motion sensors solving the problems of false reset by air-conditioning systems or objects moving on the bridge which affect conventional sensors.

We also use digital temperature compensation to automatically adjust sensitivity ensuring sensors maintain detection range & reset function, even when the temperature on the bridge is near to body temperature.

Find out more about Navgard™, the only BNWAS approved by all major classification societies.

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