Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Navgard™ BNWAS Approved by United States Coast Guard (USCG)

If your vessels operate in US waters or if your fleet is owned/managed out of the USA then when you look to install BNWAS (Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System) you should consider selecting a system with US Coast Guard approval.

Navgard™ BNWAS
Navgard™ is the first and only system approved by the US Coast Guard (as of the time of publication). This gives you the ‘peace of mind’ that your vessel has the highest quality of BNWAS installed and that it is compliant with the rigorous standards of safety and performance required from the US Coast Guard Authority.

US owners and managers will want to ensure that the BNWAS they choose has passed their own coast guard approval process.

Even if your vessels are not currently operating in US waters, having a system with such a wide range of approvals will ensure that your vessels are attractive to all charterers for all trading routes in the future, including US territorial waters.

Navgard™ – The World’s No.1 BNWAS

Approved By All Major Classification Societies
Easiest, Quickest & Lowest Cost System to Install - Guaranteed!
3-Year Warranty - Built To Last on Your Ships
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